A little late, but this was my 2020 Christmas. Mail was slow this year, so took a while before everyone got the card and I could post it. I was inspired by Rocky, the little Saw-whet owl found in the 2020 Rockefeller tree. Little Rocky is back in the wild.

I hope you all had happy holidays and 2021 is going well.

How to Open the Gates of Hell

I worked on a comic back in 2018 with writer Johnny. It originally was called “How to Open the Gates of Hell,” and we submitted it to the “Cthulhu is Hard to Spell” anthology. It got accepted, but only if we changed the comic to fit the Love-Craftian themes.

It was a quick turn around. Johnny and I, along with our great logo artist  Nathan Burns and amazing letterer Travis Duba, were able to change the comic. Our new version, “How to Summon the Dark Lord Hastur,” was beautiful and got into the anthology.

But there has always been the original draft neither of us were able to share. Both Johnny and I were always sad that all that work never got used. I’m excited to finally share that comic with you all.

This link will take you to the comic. You can either read it as interactive, which means it goes panel by panel, or you can read it classic, with the whole page visible at once. I found the interactive feature really fun, but for the last page I would do classic.


“The chair draped with an overcoat sits

in the east, the sun is its head

it opens a cloud and says:

here is the end of history

the gods have abdicated, the temples are locked

you are nothing but

a pictograph that’s lost its sound”


Over a year ago I made a short comic based on the Poem “Rebel” by Bei Dao. You can learn more about him and read his poems at:


“The shadow that tries to please the light

leads me to pass between

the aspen that had drunk milk

and the fox that has drunk blood

like a treaty passing between

peace and conspiracy”

Over a year ago I made a short comic based on the Poem “Rebel” by Bei Dao. You can learn more about him and read his poems at:






Charles Harry Eaton

I made a master copy of a Charles Harry Eaton painting. The first time I saw one of his paintings was at The Detroit Institute of Art, which has his famous painting of water lilies. The copy I made later became a present for my mother and was made into a puzzle.


Charles Harry Eaton (1850-1901)

“Inspired by the Barbizon style of painting and devoted to the Detroit landscape for much of his career, Charles Harry Eaton was largely a self-taught artist who determinedly earned himself a national reputation. Raised in Akron, Ohio, Eaton moved to Detroit in 1867 and studied briefly under John Mix Stanley. The years of 1878 to 1880 found him momentarily in Holly, Michigan, followed by two years in Chicago, and nearly ten years in New York City. During the 1890s, the artist finally settled in Leonia, New Jersey, where he remained for the rest of his career.”


river landscape lighten_smriver landscape lighten_001river landscape lighten_002river landscape lighten_003river-landscape-charles-harry-eaton-001


YAY! The anthology got fully funded over the weekend! This means the book will for sure be published!

I want to thank anyone who backed the kickstarter. It means a lot to me that you gave some money during these difficult times. Thank you, thank you!!!

If you still want to support the book there are 3 more days left! Any extra money made after the kickstarter goal is reach 10% is divided up between the creators.…/cthulhu-is-hard-to-spell-a-2n…?

hastur goal reached

CIHTS – Pins

The Kickstarter for the anthology “Cthulhu is Hard to Spell, The Terrible Twos” is still going on. It ends March 23, so there’s still time to support the kickstarter to publish the book. See link below:

I’ve pledged the $60 amount because I really wanted the Pin collection and to have my name in the special thanks.

But, what I would suggest to you all is the $45 because…

1. You get 4 amazing pins

2. A physical copy

3. Some great extra digital comics!

Above is the pin I got from the last campaign, which is available this time as well. I love it and my Elder god watches over me while I work (it sits under my monitor). To the right is the pin design for this year which I think will look AMAZING!